Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the course Undergraduate or Post-graduate level?

→ Bachelor is Biomedical Engineering is an undergraduate course.

2.What qualifications do I need to study Biomedical Engineering?

→ You must have completed Intermediate studies (10+2; ISc; A-level) or equivalent in Science.

2. I am from Physical group and haven't taken Biology. Can I study Biomedical Engineering?


I am from Biology group and haven't taken Extra Mathematics. Can I study Biomedical Engineering?

→ We offer extra classes for both Biology group and Mathematics groups who have not taken either subject during intermediate level (ISc, 10+2 or equivalent).

3. How long does the Undergraduate course take to complete?

→ The full duration of course is 4 years.

4. When does the session begin?

→ The session usually starts in beginning of Autumn (Around August-September)

5. How many batches of students have graduated yet?

→ Five batches have already graduated from CBEAS till date (April 2014).

6. Is the course recognized abroad?

→ Yes, it is. Many of our students have already been enrolled for higher studies (Masters and PhD) in Universities in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, India, China, Finland, Thailand, Japan, Korea etc. and many have already completed their course.

The Australian government has even given recognized it as equivalent to Australian Biomedical Engineers.

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